Friday, November 03, 2006

How To Condition Your Mind For Success

Al Martinovic

Your mindset is a strong factor in achieving any type of success. By creating S-M-A-R-T goals for yourself you can condition your mind to achieve whatever it is you desire.

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Achieved
R- Reasonable
T- Time

Specific - Be very specific about what your goal is.

Measurable - Make sure you can measure your goal so you know when you have achieved it.

Achieved - State your goal in the present or past tense as if you have already achieved it.

Reasonable - Your goal should be reasonable enough that you can attain it. At the same time, it shouldn't be too easy to obtain but obtainable. Stretch yourself.

Time - Have a specific date on when your goal will be achieved. Give it a deadline.

To achieve your goal you must have a plan and you must take action. Write down what you will do and how you will do it.

Visualize your goal. Put your emotions into it such as how it makes you feel after you achieved it, how you will celebrate, what it will bring or do for you etc.

Visualize you goal every morning and evening. The more you visualize the more you will do to achieve it. Have such a passion for your goal that you will do whatever is necessary to obtain it.

Practice these techniques and you will find when the desire is there, your subconcious mind will help you get it!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Power Of Intergrity

One of the most ofen forgotten word in our contemporary world today is-"INTERGRITY"

This 9 letter word, though common but so powerful.

Few individuals have been privileged to key-in to the intergrity network, and they remain living proof of the numerous benefits.

You may ask, what is intergrity?

Simply put, intergrity has to do with ones reputation.

It is the totality of a mans character-uprightness in all things, transperency, honesty and trustworthiness.

While internet gurus will tell you to access diverse marketing tools, increase your mailing list and increase traffic to create wealth, not many are willing to touch the word-"INTERGRITY"

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People will evaluate your person, before going after your product/services.
Your intergrity has the potential of doubling your sales and taking you to unimaginable height far above your contemporaries.
Every successful Netpreneur and Infopreneur had the "intergrity trademark"
Never dream of making a dime, if your intergrity is in tatters, and cannot be guaranteed.
No sane client, will risk his or her hard earned money on your product/service as long as you lack intergrity.
Why not begin to clean up yourself and start to harness the power of intergrity.

Remember, Bill Gate, first made his name count, before the dollars began rolling in!

Make a concious effort to build a good track record, and you will soon find yourself at the top!

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ensure Your Own Success

Being organised is a major step to success and the most important things to organise are YOURSELF and your PLAN.

What do you want to accomplish? Is it a new home or to fund your children's further education, or a million and one other things I am sure you can think of. You can have whatever you want.

However, this will only happen however, if you want it enough. Are you willing to do what has to be done in order to get it? When you set your goals, write them down and set a target date for reaching them. You need to set both short term reachable goals and long term higher goals yet don't set them too high. You will become discouraged if you do not achieve them.

Work CONSISTENTLY towards accomplishing your goals each day, each week and each month until you reach your short-term goals. Once you have attained your short-term goals, set them a little higher each time. This will ultimately lead to achieving your long-term goals. Goal setting is necessary in every area of life.

Another must do is SELF-DISCIPLINE! Just simple things like making sure you get up early each day, get ready for your job as if you were working outside your home. Make a "to do" list of all the things you want to accomplish during the day. This helps to give you an organised approach to each day. You will be amazed how much you can get done using a "To Do" list.

You need to be self motivated so set up a schedule and stick to it. Be ENTHUSIASTIC, as enthusiasm generates its own energy. Energy and good health are synonymous with motivated, happy people, otherwise known as achievers.

The key to your success is to have plenty of P.M.A., Positive Mental Attitude. The one person you have to convince that you can succeed at whatever you desire is YOURSELF. Why? Because you can. Success is 90 percent attitude and 10 percent aptitude. Learn the art of positive thinking. You can do whatever you put your mind to. It's mind over matter. Literally, if your mind is positive, your body follows suit and does all the things that a successful person will do. Your attitude will either guarantee your success or guarantee your failure. The only time you are a failure is if you give up.

Never allow yourself to become discouraged. Just remember... The more "NO's" you get, the closer to a "YES" you come. You must go through the NO's to get to the YES's.

Scheduling your time so that you use it wisely is your roadmap to success. If you don't have direction, you'll travel in circles and ultimately never reach your goals. Plan your work then work your plan.

Like most direct marketers you are most likely to work from your own home, but it is still essential to set up a specified work area. Take pride in your business to ensure your success.

A fool and his money are soon parted so make sure you set up a written budget. You MUST set aside a percentage of your business income to re-invest in your business. Failure to reinvest your money will result in the failure of your business.

Look after No one, YOURSELF! Make sure you get plenty of sleep, eat right and take some time out to take in the scenery.

If nothing else take this away with you:

BE PERSISTENT, it pays off

DO NOT GIVE UP! It's a known fact that most Businesses fail just when they are about To SUCCEED...

Copyright 2005 Michael Morris

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